Microblading is a popular trend these days, but did you know that overtime it could cause permanent damage to the skin?

NanoGlow Academy brings to you educational Workshops and Masterclasses focused on the most advanced skin care treatment solutions from Europe. Each course is dedicated to its students success, providing them with result driven practices, products and tools, that won't compromise the integrity of your client's skin.

We are committed to providing premium and innovative training in cosmetic treatments and permanent makeup. Our goal is simply to ensure that every student completes their training with the knowledge and confidence needed in order to experience success within the industry, while ensuring client safety. 

Whether you're completely new to this field or a practicing cosmetologist, looking to advance your education and industry knowledge, our training is designed to lead you to a lucrative career. 


We believe in a world that offers cosmetic solutions that don't compromise the integrity of the client's skin.


Our techniques come straight from Poland—which has been regarded as one of the largest and best beauty industries in the world.


Our promise is to arm students with the best and newest tools and techniques in nano-PMU in order to enhance their education, service offerings, and income.

Defining The Difference Between Our Workshops & Masterclasses


Our Masterclasses cover the skin care treatment at a magnified level over the period of a full-day. Offering the students a full day overview and hands-on training on live models. The class size never exceed 10 students, as our Master Trainer spends quality time with each student perfecting the practices. Students complete the Masterclasses with a Certificate of Training, ongoing support and a significant sized kit to better help them to begin their new specialty and grow their own business.


Our Workshops are designed for a more seasoned professional who is looking to expand their services, but is already familiar with the practices of the desired workshop. This course is usually a half-day long and is a brief overview of the specified skin treatment that is demonstrated live by our Master Trainer. The class size is approximately 30 students and they each complete this workshop with a Certificate of Participation and walk away with ongoing support and a kit pertaining to the course taken.

Your Future Is Waiting

Optimize your skills and knowledge in order to provide your clients with the experience and results they deserve—all while turning your business into a lucrative platform.