Up Grade Serum | Filling Revitalization



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Up Grade Serum | Filling Revitalization

Up Grade to the only cocktail with a revitalizing and filling effect!


3 vials of 10ml/vial

10ml = 5 clients


Up Grade is a state of the art formula that effectively improves the elasticity, brightness and hydration of the skin.

  • Severely dehydrated skin
  • Advanced photo and chrono aging
  • Transitory filing of skin depressions
  • Specific treatment for filling tear trough


1 treatment every 15 days depending on the hydration necessity for 4-6 applications total. It is suggested to realize a maintenance session at the end of the treatment cycle.

The number of sessions varies per client based on the type of skin and size of blemish. Best results are obtained with 2 treatment cycles per year.

  • Micro applications of 0.05-0.1ml of product per single point
  • 2ml for facial treatments
  • 2ml for treatments of the tear trough
  • 1.5-2ml for transitory treatments of wrinkles
  • 1ml for the neck
  • 2ml for the decollete

This serum is intended for micro/nano needling and mesotherapy. Recommended use with MesoGlow Soft Cones 0.6mm, Hydra Pen, Hydra Roller, and Hydra Stamps.


***Do not open the seal. In order to store the vial in the refrigerator between uses, dispense the serum with a syringe. Open vial can be stored till used.****


Glycerol, hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidant substances (lipoic acid and superoxide dismutase).

Expiration: Indicated on product

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in