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Free tutorial how to mix Hutox/ReNTox with 0.9% Sodium Chloride –

ReNTox 100U

ReNTox is a South Korean botulinum toxin that focuses on regenerative properties as well as treats wrinkles and muscle spasms.

How It Works:

ReNTox is a botulinum toxin that works to stop muscles from forming dynamic wrinkles on the face. It works immediately to eliminate wrinkles formed by muscle movements.


Botulinum toxins almost always comes in a powdered form (with the exception of Innotox) and the fine powder is a very high concentrate of botulinum. This powder is so fine it can almost be missed, but be rest assured all of your units are accounted for.

Botulinum toxin is typically packaged as a powder and saline needs to be added to it. Therefore, it is technically always diluted by the time it’s ready to be injected.

It appears as a lyophilized white powder for injection in a colorless transparent vial and should become colorless transparent liquid when the diluent (normal saline) is added.

You will need: (Does not come with the toxin, available at our shop)

How To Dilute:

The amount of units you’ve purchased will determine the amount of saline that needs to be added to the vial.

  • 100U – 2.5ml

Once you’ve determined the amount of saline to add to your vial, carefully use a syringe needle to draw up the correct amount of saline. At this point, the plastic covering on the top of the vial needs to be peeled back. From the syringe, the needle needs to puncture the top of the vial.

From there, the syringe will apply itself to the bottle. Once all of the saline is in the vial, remove the needle from the vial and gentle turn the vial to mix the saline and powder. Do not shake it.


  • Immediate results
  • Eliminates wrinkles
  • Can correct facial symmetry
  • Treats muscle spasms


We place the products in a cool shield thermal bubble packaging with ice packs so the vial is stored at a low temperature. The volume of ice is carefully calculated, based on the shipping destination and the number of products to ensure the temperature is well kept until the point of delivery.

Each Vial Contains:

  • Clostridium botulinum toxin type A (in house) 100U
  • Human serum albumin (EP) 0.5mg
  • Sodium chloride (EP) 0.9 mg
  • 1vial / 100U


  • The unopened lyophilized vial should be stored in a refrigerator (2-8°C)

Shelf life:

  • Any toxins (even Innotox) should be used within 24 to 72 hours. It is best to use it as soon as possible. The product will lose its effect each day after it is opened.
  • Product expires 36 months from the manufacturing date.

Made in Korea


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