BB Glow Basics Kit



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Nano Derma Pen with Red Light Therapy (RLT) for BB Glow CE, BB Glow Booster Serums Kit, Nano Derma Stamp 42p – 10 Pack, BB Glow Catalog

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The BB Glow Basics Kit

Offers a essential collection of BB Glow necessities ranging from devices, ampoules and accessories.


1.Nano Derma Pen, CE Approved, Red light therapy (RLT)

Is a controversial therapeutic technique that uses low-level red wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars and persistent wounds, among other conditions.

Based on the results of more than 300 treatments in Europe and over 100 in U.S., we have developed our own nanoneedle pen. It meets all the needs of users and customers, is 100% made in Europe and complies with all EU directives.

  • Weightless: Weighing only 95 grams and measuring 15.5 cm, it is the smallest and lightest nanoneedle pen currently on the market.

  • Ergonomic: The nanoneedle pen has an ergonomic grip designed to be perfectly balanced and feel good in the hand, maintaining comfort over long-term use.

  • Reliability: You can count on the nanoneedle pen. We guarantee this following numerous quality tests, new measuring techniques (adapted from other sectors such as the automotive industry), as well as continuous load tests in practice and in the laboratory.

  • Assurance: The nanoneedle pen not only meets the usual security requirements, it even ensures more safety than is considered necessary. The impulse is always the same, and you can control the level with your screen.

  • Made in Europe: In the interest of our customer’s safety and quality assurance, it was important to us to be able to influence production at all times. That’s why we have our nanoneedle pen manufactured in Europe.

  • High Quality: Before each pen is delivered, it has to pass our three-stage quality test. Safety, quality and performance are highest in comparison to all other nanoneedle devices around the world.

  • Warranty: We offer a 1-year limited warranty with our nanoneedle pen.

FDA registered

CE  and TUV Approved

2. BB Glow Booster Serum Kit

  • 3 vials: Whitening Serum 
  • 3 vials: Aqua Serum
  • 2 vials: EGF Gold Serum
  • 2 vials: Salmon Gold Serum
  • 2 vials: AC Acne Gold Serum

**This product is intended for use with Derma Pen Micro/Nano Needling, Hydra Stamping/Roller**

3. Nano Derma Stamps 42p

This is NanoGlow Academy’s special needle for BB Glow and nano-needling treatments.

Working with 42p cartridge for BB Glow treatments will provide better coverage, less skin damages and better long-lasting results.

Nano-needling with 42p cartridge treatments can be done every two weeks, as there is no need to wait four weeks for healing like with 12p, 24p or 36p cartridges.

  • 10 needles in a pack
  • For use with the NanoGlow Academy Nanoneedle Pen
  • Each cartridge is sterilized and individually packed
  • Longer lasting results for any treatment
  • Can be used with any type of micro-needling serums, (not just BB Glow products)

Diameter of each needle: 0.20mm (acupuncture needle)

Length: 2.0mm

Material: Stainless Steel

42 Pin Cartridge


BB Glow Catalog includes useful tips, how-to’s, and insight into all BB Glow products included in your kit!

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