Learn from European Master, Izabela Lachowicz, who contributes her many years of experience and certification. She personally works with each student in order to ensure proficiency upon graduating our academy


Meet Your Master Trainer, Izabela Lachowicz


Originally from Poland, Izabela has lived in the US since 2017.

As a child, Izabela dreamed of studying in Beauty School, but her mom had different plans for her and urged her to seek a career in accounting.

After University, Izabela began working as an office accountant, but learned quickly that it was not for her. Two months later, she enrolled back in school and began to study at University in Zielona Góra. After 3 years, she graduated with a degree in social work and psychology and immediately started working as a psychologist.

A couple years later, she advanced to Director at a local private school, but still felt a disconnect in her work. Recalling her childhood dream, she began taking courses in nails and lashes.

While training in the beauty industry as often as possible, Izabela began to work in her husband’s construction and demolition company. In 2000, their company became larger than ever, and so she decided to further her business education in order to help her husband. She enrolled in the University of Notthingam in England and later graduated with an Executive Master of Business Administration.

Their company grew to over 100 employees in 2009—all working in Poland, Germany, England.

The success of their construction company allowed Izabela to open her own spa, and in her free time she continued her adventure with beauty trainings. She’s completed trainings in permanent makeup in several different schools—all in Poland and the Ukraine.

In 2016, Izabela found herself eager for change and decided to travel to USA to check out its beauty industry. Upon visiting, she was surprised to learn how behind the US beauty market was compared to Europe. She recognized the opportunity to bring the methods she had learned in Europe and teach people in the US how to achieve permanent makeup results that were beautiful yet natural looking with techniques the US had never seen before.

In 2017, Izabela and her family moved to the US. She pursued and achieved her licensing as a tattoo artist and reached her cosmetology certification as a Full Specialist. Shortly after, she decided to use the skills and knowledge from the past 10 years of work to create NanoGlow Academy—an Academy that brings the most current solutions, from Europe, for brows and other areas, that not only last longer than microblading, but won't compromise the integrity of the client's skin.



“A wonderful experience! Izabela is a true beauty professional. She takes her time to get it right and to ensure a fabulous result! You will not be disappointed.”

“Izabela is professional, experienced, and knowledgable. Plus, her stroke techniques are easy to learn and follow. She guided me through my practice with much patience. Even after completing training, she was still easy to reach. With her guidance and lots of practice, I am now ready to work! Thank you, Izabela, for motivating me and for being a great instructor!”

“Izabela spent a great amount of time listening to my concerns and questions. The results are great and I have healed with little to no discomfort. Thank you!”