What is nano-permanent makeup (nano-PMU)?

Nano-permanent makeup is a new PMU treatment that uses ultra-sharp and thin nano-needles that can do very realistic and natural makeup. The healing process is shorter and milder.

How long does it take?

You can expect brows to take up to 2 hours; eyeliner up to 2 hour; and lips up to 2.5 hours.

How long does it take to heal?

After PMU with nano-needles, healing process is little shorter as with micro needles. Nano needles do not damage the epidermis as micro needles might (they are thicker).

How long will results last?

Nano-needled brows will last 2 years; eyeliner will last 2 years; and lips up to 3 years. However, everything depends on your technique, your client’s skin and after care.

Is it painful?

PMU with nano needles is not painful. During pigmentation we use numbing, you can feel little scratching.

Who is not suitable for nano-pmu?

Those with skin diseases, heart conditions, allergies, blood clotting, etc. and pregnant women.

Are there risks and complications?

Everything depends on your client’s health. It’s important to have sincere conversations during consultations and discuss any contraindications for the procedure. Sometimes an allergic reaction may occur, so it is important to do allergy test before pigmentation.

Why nano-PMU over microblading?

Nano-PMU is an excellent pigmentation method with very thin needles and work with device. With nano-PMU you are able to know how deep inside the skin you are working. It isn’t painful, the healing process is short, and the results are beautiful yet natural.

How can I get my deposit back?

All registration deposits made are non-refundable. These deposits guarantee your space in the course selected. Final payment for all of our courses are due two weeks prior to your course date. Failure to do so may result in removal from the course date. Rescheduling requests due to illness, accident or emergency prior to your course date must be submitted in writing. You will be allowed to reschedule to another course date within 90 days with no penalty to your deposit or tuition. You may only reschedule your course date once. Based on availability.

If I want to be a student model, do I need to pay?

No, services being done by students are for free. You should know that PMU treatments will need a follow up appointment. It is the model’s responsibility to call and schedule a follow up.