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Hydra Stamps with RenTox | Tutorial & Kit


  • 1 RenTox 100units (powder Botulinum Toxin)
  • 2 Hydra Stamps 20Pins (0.5mm, 1mm)
  • 1 Sterile Sodium Chloride 0.9% 10ml
  • 2 Disposable syringes 100cc/units – use only for liquids dispense
  • 1 Numbing cream 10.56% 30g
  • Tutorial

Tutorial Includes:

  • How to dilute 100units RenTox with sodium chloride 0.9%
  • Prepare your Hydra Stamp with the RenTox
  • How to prepare the skin
  • How and where to apply the RenTox
  • Before and after

Things To Know:

  • RenTox need to be stored in the fridge till it used
  • For thick skin use hydra stamp with 1mm, for this skin use hydra stamp with 0.5mm
  • Remaining of the saline water (Sodium Chloride) can be stored and used again
  • Hydra Roller is for personal use only, do not re use on others. sanitize it before and after each use.
  • Do not use the disposable syringes to inject the RenTox into the skin
  • Final results will show within two weeks, you can do touch up and add more if needed after two weeks.
  • For deep wrinkles might need more then 2 sessions
  • Results can last up to 6 months, people with high metabolism will last less then 6 months
ReNtox 100units 
Rentox is a South Korean botulinum toxin that focuses on regenerative properties as well as treats wrinkles and muscle spasms.
How does it work?⁣⁠
Rentox is a botulinum toxin that works to stop muscles from forming dynamic wrinkles on the face. It works immediately to eliminate wrinkles formed by muscle movements.
Benefits of Rentox:⁣⁠
  • Immediate results
  • Elimina arrugas
  • Puede corregir la simetría facial
  • Trata los espasmos musculares.

Each 1 vial contains:

Clostridium botulinum toxin type A (in house) 100 Units

Human serum albumin (EP) 0.5 mg

Sodium chloride (EP) 0.9 mg

1vial / 100units


GlowTox almost always comes in a powdered form (with the exception of Innotox) and the fine powder is a very high concentrate of botulinum. This powder is so fine that it can almost be missed, but be rest assured that all of your units are accounted for.

GlowTox is typically packaged as a powder and saline needs to be added to it, it is technically always diluted by the time it’s ready to be injected.

It appears as a lyophilized white powder for injection in a colorless transparent vial and should become colorless transparent liquid when the diluent (normal saline) is added.

How to Dilute:

The amount of units you’ve purchased will determine the amount of saline that needs to be added to the vial.

100 units –  2.5ml

Once you’ve determined the amount of saline to add to your vial, carefully use a syringe needle to draw up the correct amount of saline. At this point, the plastic covering on the top of the vial needs to be peeled back. From the syringe, the needle needs to puncture the top of the vial.
From there, the syringe will apply itself to the bottle. Once all of the saline is in the vial, remove the needle from the vial and gentle turn the vial to mix the saline and powder. Do not shake it.
How long can be used:
Any toxins (even Innotox) should be used within 24-72 hours. It is best to use it as soon as possible. the product will lose the his effect after each day its open.


El vial liofilizado sin abrir debe conservarse en nevera (2-8 ° C).

¿Cómo enviamos el vial? 

We place the products in a cool shield thermal packaging with Thecni Ice so the vial remains to be stored at a low temperature. The volume of ice is carefully calculated, based on the shipping destination and the number of products to ensure that the temperature is well kept until the point of delivery.


36 months from the manufacturing date

Made in Korea 

Hydra Stamps 20 pins – 0.5mm, 1mm


Hydra Stamps helps to stimulate collagen production and to increase the absorption of skincare products.

Hydra Stamps: 

20 Nano Needles Stamps


Manual stamping with titanium cartridge with 20 pins (0.5mm or 1mm).

Botella de vidrio reutilizable para rellenar con sueros.


  • Fácil de usar
  • Can be done as a self therapy
  • Rapid treatment and Effect
  • Entrega de suero muy alta y efectiva
  • For thin skin or bone area use 0.5mm, for thick skin 1mm

Se puede utilizar con:

  • Innotox / RenTox – face and neck wrinkles
  • Vitamins and Serums
  • Péptido de oro / Ingreso y reparación de daños en la piel
  • Salmon DNA / for skin rejuvenation, skin and scar repairing
  • Blanqueamiento / reparación de la pigmentación de la piel
  • Acné / Resolver problemas cutáneos problemáticos
  • Bijunel Serums: Reju, Hyaluronic Acid, Slim-line
  • Productos disponibles en nuestra tienda

How Does it work:

The 20 needles are hollow and every time you stamp the cartridge against the skin the serum insert into the skin. so there’s less product loss and higher percentage of the serums absorbs into the skin.

How To Use:

  • Desinfecte el sello antes y después de cada uso.
  • Recommended to use numbing cream before use
  • Limpia la zona en la que vas a trabajar y aplica crema anestésica.
  • Llene la botella esterilizada con ingredientes activos.
  • Stamp on desired area with putting a light presume,
  • Stamp the skin with over lapping 50% at the time
  • On each area you can do at list three stamps
  • Con las manos limpias, masajee la piel sobrante de los sueros.
  • La mascarilla facial se puede usar después del tratamiento (disponible en nuestra tienda)
  • Deje que la piel se seque al aire, no lave la cara durante 24 horas.


  • Esterilice los sellos Hydra con alcohol medicinal antes y después de su uso.
  • Tienda the the Hydra Stamps carefully, keep out of reach from children
  • Storage temperature not more then 75 degrees
  • Cuidado con la botella de vidrio
  • Do not use if there’s any skin allergies,
  • Los pacientes con dermatosis tienen prohibido usar
  • Solo para uso personal, no lo comparta con otros


  • El sello toca la palanca dorada, mientras que al sellarlo, se insertan los sueros en la piel., Presiona ligeramente y cada vez que estampas.
  • Lightly shaking the bottle can increase the amount of exudation of the serum.
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