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BARZOR is a new and unique product in the American market. This is a disposable one blade safety razor for facial skin.

BARZOR blades are made of high-quality Swedish steel, professional and stainless.

The ergonomically designed plastic handle fits the shape of your fingers and allows for a good grip.

A combination of a quality blade and designed shape allows for excellent smoothing on the skin and excellent results in the treatment of dermaplaning.

BARZOR it is take, use and throw.: 

  • 100% hygiene
  • hassle-free
  • easy to use
  • safety – protects the user and ensures sharpness and freshness of the blade.
  • no need to touch the blade in order to put it on the handle. It is already ready to use when you take it from the box
  • no need to sterilize

In addition to removing the vellus hair, dermaplaning treatments remove the very top layers of dead skin cells using a carefully angled blade. With BARZOR, you can obtain the best results in less time.

To use, slide the blade at a 45-degree angle across the face. While it is best to use a light gel, you can also shave on dry skin.

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