Become a Filler Expert: 5 Pro Tips


Like most procedures you perform for your clients, the more you practice, the better you get. Filler treatments are no exception. And while some things simply take time to learn, the more procedural knowledge you have starting out, the easier it is to become a pro. NanoGlow Academy is here to help. Here are 5 pro tips to help you avoid mistakes and keep your clients happy.


 Product loss affects your bottom line. While there will sometimes be unavoidable product waste, there are measures you can take to prevent unnecessary filler loss. Never fill up your Hyaluron Pen syringe more than ¾. You need to ensure there is a bit of room in the syringe to accommodate the plunger. If you fill the syringe all the way, you will push out some of your product when you push the plunger in.

Technique is also important to avoid product loss. Make sure you hold the Hyaluron Pen at a 90 degree angle from the client’s skin. This angle will ensure the pen is flush against the skin, preventing product from slipping out between the pen and the surface of the skin. The amount of pressure you use is also important. While the right amount of pressure takes practice, you definitely need enough pressure to push the product into the skin and not onto it. Check out this tutorial we’ve put together to help you avoid product loss.


 No matter how proficient you are at filler treatments, you will sometimes have filler left over after a procedure is complete. Unfortunately, hyaluronic acid fillers can’t be stored after opening. So what can you do with the extra filler? Use it as an opportunity to upsell another procedure and take care of your client’s fine lines and wrinkles. Maybe offer it at an on-the-spot discount price or, for new clients, offer the extra filler as a free gift to build loyalty. After all, loyal clients is how we thrive in this industry.


 Choosing the correct viscoelasticity for your client is very important. Clients new to filler treatments will do better with a lower viscoelasticity. The same is true for clients who have extremely thin lips and want a plump volume. Don’t shoot for a high viscoelasticity like Implant Plus or SubQ. Start with a product like Bonetta Fine or Deep and gradually move up to more voluminous fillers during return treatments.


 It is absolutely crucial you use the correct device. We’ve encountered too many customers who bought a device that can’t handle the filler or provide the amount of pressure needed to push the product into the skin. The Hyaluron Pen at NanoGlow Academy can handle 24% hyaluronic acid and provides 800kl/second of pressure, ensuring the product easily enters the skin. Whether you purchase your pen with us or elsewhere, make sure the device ticks these two crucial boxes.


 A common mistake made by beginners is the application of ice to the treatment area after a procedure. Yes, cooling the treatment area will reduce swelling, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Never use ice directly on the skin. Due to the molecular structure of hyaluronic acid, it will easily freeze and create lumps if it gets too cold after treatment. Simply put, icing the area will cause bumps. If you want to cool the area to reduce inflammation, wrap ice in a thick towel before applying it to the treatment area.

Whether you’re looking to perfect your filler treatments or get certified, NanoGlow Academy offers the Hyaluron Pen Basic Online Training (now available in Spanish), the Hyaluron Pen Advanced Online Training, and the Hyaluron Pen Masterclass in Orlando, FL, and Los Angeles, CA. Come check us out today!


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