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The Hydra Roller: Take Control Of Your Skin


If you haven’t heard of the Hydra Roller, it’s about time you discover this incredible new skincare product. The Hydra Roller changes the game—both for you and your clients. A derma roller and a serum applicator, the Hydra Roller makes your skincare routine so much more convenient…and cost-effective!


Traditional derma rollers aren’t easy to use. You either need to use both hands or an assistant to apply the product while you operate the roller. The Hydra Roller is a combination device. It’s both a micro needle roller and a serum bottle in one. This new design not only makes it easier to apply product, but it also means you can perform skincare procedures on yourself—easily! As a hardworking skincare professional, you deserve the same pampering you give to your clients.


The NanoGlow Hydra Roller features 0.5mm and 1mm titanium nanoneedles. As you effortlessly roll the needles across the skin, the attached serum bottle automatically imports the product into your skin. And with needles as small as 0.20mm in width, you get a big effect without the pain. The Hydra Roller can be used with Innotox, vitamins serums, gold peptide, salmon serum, whitening products, Bijunel serums, and more.


The Hydra Roller makes it easy to perform skincare routines on yourself. This revolutionary device is perfect for tightening of the skin, hydrating the skin, skin rejuvenation, minimizing acne scars, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking pore size, and safely applying Innotox. To learn how to safely use the Hydra Roller on your skin, check out NanoGlow Academy’s in-depth tutorial video here.


Innotox is an innovative product from South Korea that smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Made from botulinum toxin, this liquid pharmaceutical form is an improved botulinum formula. It is popular worldwide for its long-lasting effects and ease of use. Unlike other

Botulinum toxins, Innotox can transported and stored at room temperature. It is the perfect product to use with the Hydra Roller on yourself and your clients.


Glowtox is a method of applying botulinum toxin with other beneficial serums and skincare products. Using Innotox, you can create a cocktail using any serum. If you use 2 serums, make a cocktail of 50% Innotox and 50% the serum. Using 3 ingredients, mix your cocktail using 1/3 of each product—the Innotox and your other 2 serums. The Glowtox method is a great way to finish off a small amount of unused Innotox or skincare serum so neither go to waste. The Glowtox method is great for helping even out pigmentation, rejuvenating the skin, minimizing scar tissue, and improving skin hydration.

NanoGlow Academy is comprised of a team of highlyeducated and talented Master Trainers, who have a combined 30+ years of industry experience. We are determined to bring you the most current, European skincare solutions that will provide you with long-lasting results. At NanoGlow Academy, we pride ourselves in using the most effective techniques, tools, devices and technology as we are committed to providing you with a premium and innovative training. With our tutorials, you can grasp the method pertaining to your service in a matter of minutes and adapt it into your business. Tutorials are for technicians, spa and salon owners, estheticians, and other professionals looking to extend their services.


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