The Do’s & Don’t: Skincare Treatments Before and After Pictures


Pictures speak a thousand words and can easily help to catapult your business and reputation, but to effectively do so you need quality before and after pictures. Here’s 5 tips on how to capture promising photos that positively reflect well on your business and services.

1. Lighting
Lighting is everything to a photo it can work for or against you depending on if you want to show or not show imperfections. We highly suggest that when taking before or after photos, you should invest in the proper equipment. A Halo or Ring Light will help you to properly capture the before and after pictures, showcasing the facial features and imperfections as well as the results.

Recommended Smart Phone Light: Selfie Ring Light
Recommended Standing Light: Beauty Lamp

2. Shoot From 3 Angles
To understand the full scope of the results gained from the facial treatment, it’s important to capture the front of the face (head on) and both sides of the face (profile shots). For consistency, maintain the same angles in both your before and after pictures. We also recommend taking the photos of your subject lying down prior to and after treatment.

3. Stillness
To truly see the gains from the skincare treatment, it is highly advised that the subject be perfectly still with no expression on their face for both the before and after shots. Think of it as though you are updating your passport photo. For ultimate results, be sure to showcase stillness.

4. Focus
Clarity is everything in a picture, which is why it is imperative to adjust your focus and exposure on your Smart Phone for each photo taken. For Instruction on how to do this… Watch this video!

5. Apps
Now that you have all of your photos, you’re ready to prep them for layout. First step would be to edit the photos and zoom into the photo, which will help eliminate the noise from the background. Next step is the fun part… placing them into a side-by-side layout. To accomplish this task, we recommend downloading a photo editing App, which will give you the tools to do so. Otherwise, you can use Canva as a user friendly online graphic design tool.

Recommended App: Layout From InstagramLiveCollage
Recommended Tool: Canva


Bottom line
Take your time getting your photos right. This is your business and you should take pride in each step. Clear, well-captured photos will really help in showcasing your work and most importantly SHARE, SHARE, SHARE your amazing photos all over Social Media!


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